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As I work for the evolution of humanity, I have many ongoing projects. Some are discussed on the About & Contact page. Though I love teaching in-person, there are too many crucial projects calling my heart to dedicate myself exclusively to teaching. 

In-person learning opportunities are generally offered in clusters.  Sometimes the site is full of opportunities, sometimes it is more bare.  The best way to stay abreast of offerings is to sign up for the monthly newsletter (at the bottom of the page).  
You will not be bombarded with marketing material.  The newsletter is simply a convenient means to consolidate information regarding upcoming events and the state of current projects.  

I created the online course so you could begin this journey on your own terms in your own timing.  I hope to meet you in-person and share Kriya Yoga initiation with you some day soon. 


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World Kriya Meditation

For those who have begun or completed Level 1 Kriya Jyoti Tantric Yoga, we have a weekly World Kriya Meditation with participants from many countries.  I hope to see you there soon.  

1.5 hours every Monday
6:30 – 8 p.m. Central Europe Time

Second Sunday Satsang

Learn more. Hear me speak. Ask your questions. Satsang lasts about 1 hour including discourse and a question & answer period. 

Details Second Sunday of every month.
7 PM / 19h CET (Zurich)
1 PM US Eastern (New York)

Join the Dialogue

As we go through deep inner process and elevated expansion, it is good to have community to share and support. 

Join our Discord server and social media channels to connect with others who share similar journeys.  
We are stronger together. 

Upcoming in-person and online satsang

Monthly online satsang are the first Thursday of every month.
In-person satsang are posted here and in the newsletter.

Spiritual Science Society

Second Sunday Satsang

2nd Sunday of every month.
All are welcome. Free admission. Join us for an evening of humor and wisdom.
Hear Jeff speak. Ask your questions.

14 January 2024
11 February 2024
7 PM / 19h CET (Zurich)
1 PM US Eastern (New York)

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Level 3
Upcoming MultiDimensional Lovemaking Events

Expand your awareness of your self, your partner and your lovemaking.

Multidimensional Lovemaking

MultiDimensional Lovemaking

For individuals and couples
Same sex couples welcome
Reclaiming Tantra Level I required

Explore the art of love
with conscious intent

Check back for future dates
in the USA and Europe

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