Monthly Online Satsang

See below for login and schedule details.  

The monthly online satsang is for new aspirants, beginning students and long-term initiates.  Connect to others with similar interests and ask your questions. 

Satsang usually lasts about 1.5 hours and includes 45 minutes of discourse and 45 minutes of question and answers.  You can ask questions via voice, in the chat box or by email via the button below.  If you need to arrive late or leave early, please do so quietly and type a message in the chat box. 

Some satsang recordings are posted on our YouTube channel.  

With love,
Master Teacher Jeffrey Boehme


The monthly online satsang is available via zoom. Please find below the login details:

Join via Zoom
Meeting ID: 824 5459 4588 Passcode: Kriya4All

Join via phone
Meeting ID: 824 5459 4588 Passcode: 542692889

Date and time

The second Sunday of every month

7 PM (19h) CET (Zurich)

1 PM U.S. Eastern Time (New York)

Be aware of changes for daylight savings

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