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What is the Cobra Breath?

The Cosmic Cobra Breath, simply put, is the most powerful single psycho-spiritual technique I have encountered.  The official name is the Tantric Kriya Kundalini Pranayama, but it is better known as the Cosmic Cobra Breath or simply the Cobra Breath.  For ease of use, we will mostly refer to it as the Cobra Breath.  

The Cobra Breath is a central practice of Kriya Jyoti Tantric Yoga. Thanks to its many benefits, this potent esoteric technique is often referred to as Babaji’s gift to humanity.

Incorporated into each mystical system influenced by Babaji is a Cobra Breath technique whose vibration matches the frequency of that system.  I have experienced the Sufi, Egyptian, Taoist, Kriya and Tantric Kriya Cobra Breaths.  Each is powerful, yet each has a different focus.

From my perspective, the Tantric Kriya Cobra Breath is the superior choice.  It is the most balanced and integrated of the five.  Its effect is multidimensional.

The Cobra Breath affects us energetically and physiologically.  Its practice balances the feminine and masculine energies.  Physiologically speaking, those energies are the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Cobra Breath practice electro-magnetizes the cerebrospinal fluid and causes it to flow more dynamically, bathing the brain in this charged fluid.  This electro-magnetized fluid stimulates the third ventricle of the brain, known to the Hindus as the Cave of Brahma.  The third ventricle houses the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus glands.  When the pineal and pituitary are sufficiently activated, they form a special connection called the Tantric Marriage.

The Tantric Marriage activates the corpus callosum, allowing both hemispheres of the brain to function simultaneously.  This activation leads to the “birth of the androgynous spirit child,” allowing you to be masculine and feminine, logical and intuitive at the same time.  

Bathing the brain in electro-magnetized cerebrospinal fluid awakens thousands of dormant neurons, an experience known as opening the Thousand Petaled Lotus, the Crown chakra.  These newly awakened neurons form new neural networks, allowing your nervous system to perceive, experience and exist in new levels of awareness.

These results are why we call Cobra Breath practice a Spiritual Science.  You don’t have to believe in anything or worship anyone.  Doing the practice will alter your physiology, which will alter your consciousness, which will alter your perspective, experience and participation in life.  You will know the spiritual.  You will be the spiritual.  There will be no need to believe.

Practice of the Cosmic Cobra Breath also clears psychic debris from the nadis, energy circuits that interpenetrate your body.  Emotional wounds are brought to consciousness to be healed.  Limiting behavior patterns can be resolved, eliminating obstacles and self-sabotaging behavior patterns.  Your psychic sensitivity and intuitive faculties become stronger and more clear.

The Cobra Breath is the premier practice for transmuting sexual energy.  It is a most potent Tantric technique.  Sexual life force energy is generated through single (by yourself) or dual (with a partner) cultivation and transmuted  via Cobra Breath to the vibrations of love and spirituality.  This high vibration energy then pours back down through your body to fill and fully charge your multidimensional being.

The Tantric Kriya Cobra Breath is the central technique practiced by the Spiritual Science Society.  Other techniques either prepare the energetic and physical bodies for the energy of the Cobra Breath or are enhancements to its effect.  A regular practice of as few as 3 Cobra Breaths a day will substantially accelerate your personal growth and catalyze deep change in your life.  It will help you become You more quickly than you imagined possible.


Cobra Breath, Kundalini and Chakras

Master Teacher Boehme speaks about the benefits of Cobra Breath practice.


Benefits of Cobra Breath Practice

The benefits of Cobra Breath practice are innumerable.  
These are a few of the more important:

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